Moden 1 2 3 Add On Series

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Moden 1 2 3 Add On Series

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Kit Info

Moden 1 2 3 Add On Series
Model No.
Moden Kit 05

This affordable Moden Kit starts with a bed-sitter home, including full kitchen, full bath with laundry, and efficient living/dining/sleeping area. You can add bedrooms and bathrooms to create a larger home as your family grows. Phases 2 and 3 show future rooms, creating a 2BR or 3BR house.

Phase 1

420 sq.ft.

Phase 2

210 sq.ft.

Phase 3

175 sq.ft.

am‑cor inc.
Ferrocement building Kit

Additional Info

Macdonald Architecture & Technology
MTO: Made To Order
Standard 20'/40' Flat bed, van or container
Usually ships in 2 weeks
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Standard Info

Standard Features

All Kits come standard with the following qualities:

Custom Features

These may be added as customizations to any Kit:

  • Tornado-resistance
  • Flood-resistance
  • Floorplan modifications
  • Door/window adjustments
  • Wall height changes
  • Roof pitch/peak changes

Check out custom Kit Designs, and then contact us with your requirements!


All Kits are prefabricated with industrial-grade materials:

  • Structural galvanized cold formed light gauge steel
  • Structural galvanized expanded Carbon steel
  • amcorite™ structural Ferrocement additive
  • Chromium-plated fasteners
  • See Kit Contents for details


All Kits include Professional services:

  • On-site Field Representative Kit assembly tutorial & crew instruction
  • Steel panel and frame design in coordination with architect or project engineer
  • Sealed drawings of structural frame for building permit submission
  • Coordination with local code authority to expedite approval
  • Illustrated Field Manual detailing shell assembly
  • See Kit Contents for details


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