Building with am‑cor

How to choose, design, estimate, buy, and finally assemble an am‑cor Kit

Prefab for Success

Won­der­ing what it takes to build an am‑cor Ferroce­ment struc­ture?

If you are an ar­chi­tect, con­tract­or, de­ve­loper, or own­er-build­er, here you can find in­form­a­tion on choos­ing, design­ing, es­tim­at­ing, buy­ing, and as­sem­bling & fin­ish­ing an am‑cor Kit.

Also check out our available Kits, or see Getting Started be­low if you already have a design or need a cus­tom­ized plan.

Tools & documentation included
Tools & documentation included
  • Getting Started
    Want a new Kit? How to start with am-cor Prefab Buildings: Ferrocement Kit Pricing, Ordering, Designs & Resources

  • Assembly
    Putting it all together: Resources on Planning, Assembling, Constructing and Finishing am‑cor Prefab Ferrocement Building Kits

  • Professionals
    Want to get started with am-cor Ferrocement & Prefab Kit construction? Find info here for: Developers, Contractors, Builders, Architects, Engineers, Designers

  • DIY
    Ferrocement Prefab Kits: Put up your own strong & secure building, fast & easy, designed for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Residential Owner-builders