am-cor System

Ferrocement Prefab & Panelized, Greeen & Sustainable Construction

  • Overview: General introduction to the am-cor System & Ferrocement technology
  • Ferrocement: Advanced Unibody Stress-Skin Composite Construction Engineering and Technology
  • Disaster: Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Fire and Flood Resistance through Ferrocement Technology & Engineering
  • Code Compliance: am‑cor System Conformance to the IBC, IRC, ASTM, UL, ICC, and other standards
  • Inventor's Story: History & Development of the am‑cor Ferrocement Construction System, by architect Angus W. Macdonald
  • Green & Sustainable Construction: Ferrocement's low carbon footprint is key to truly Green & Sustainable Construction
  • Comparisons: Comparisons between the am‑cor System and other construction methods: wood, reinforced concrete, and more
  • Special Applications: Special Ferrocement Applications include military, low-cost, shipping, containment, exostructures, outsulation, environmental communities, and more