Special Ferrocement Applications

Special Ferrocement Applications include military, low-cost, shipping, containment, exostructures, outsulation, environmental communities, and more

Remote bases, clinics, containment Remote bases, clinics, containment
The am-cor Ferrocement System has a number of specialized construction applications:

  • Prefabricated Ferrocement modular buildings (medical, quarantine, guard, safe rooms, remote bases, etc.)
  • Military grade: Portable, quickly deployable, ballistic resistant panelized Building Kits
  • Radioactivity resistant shipping containers, warehouses, and depots, for nuclear waste transport, storage, and disposal
  • am-cor ExoStructures provide integrated Link - superinsulation and rehabilitation and restoration of existing buildings
  • Green, planned and self-sustaining Environmental Community developments
  • Coming Soon! The Fortified Home Series: survival, underground, ballistic resistant Home Kits

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