am-cor Environmental Communities

am-cor Environmental Communities incorporate the required social, architectural, economic, and technological elements for sustainable development.


  • Effective use of solar energy: provides power for living, maintenance, manufacturing
  • LEED-platinum design
  • Demonstrates effective (lower cost) alternative to manufacturing based on fossil fuel consumption.
  • Off-The-Grid Integrated Sustainability:
    • Renewable energies power the entire community
    • On-site & rooftop gardens provide food, promote exercise and well-being
    • Water catchment and site-integreated Living Machine environmentally-friendly wastewater management


  • Green sustainable architecture
    • Zero-energy buildings: buildings create their own electricity using wind/solar power, provide their own air conditioning)
    • Low carbon footprint construction: am-cor construction saves 80% of Carbon Dioxide emission compared with standard reinforced concrete & masonry construction & maintenance
    • Energy conservation: am-cor advanced superinsulation methods
    • Low life-cycle cost: extreme durability of Link - Ferrocement construction coated with ceramcorite geopolymer ceramic-cement)
  • Green & sustainable planning principles
    • Planning integrated with existing land contours, features, flora & fauna
    • Mixed-use allows integrated living (workers can afford the housing on site)
    • Mixed-use promotes health & sustainability: walking and less driving
  • Sustainable By Design
    • Affordable, beautiful architectural style for all uses: residential, commercial, and industrial
    • Residential, commercial, community & recreational facilities promote social interaction through courtyard design concepts.


am-cor Environmental Communities contain the social, architectural, economic, and technological elements for sustainable development.

Pilot Project

The first am-cor Environmental Community, located in Lake County, FL, will be a model for future projects nationwide.


  • Mixed-Use: Sustainably yet practically organized commercial, residential, retail & industrial
  • Commercial & retail use: social activities, restaurants, retail, professional offices both for employment and customers/ clients
  • Integrated residential use: affordable housing, above covered parking, with tremendous panoramic views from the upper level, including accessible units
  • Creation of a mini-town center, with pedestrian courtyards, balcony condos, green roof gardens etc.
  • Manufacturing use: permanent local employment in each Environmental Community!


  • Provides regional economic stimulation & self-sustaining local community economy
  • Permanent employment at all skill levels: manufacturing, administrative, retail.
  • The Environmental Community will be a model development, pushing beyond LEED standards for a truly sustainable economic ecosystem.


am-cor Environmental Community Lake County