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Prefab Building Kits: Stay safe, build fast & save money with our panelized Ferrocement Kits. Make your next project Disaster-Resistant, Sustainable, Resilient

Build Tough

Check out our prefab Fer­ro­ce­ment build­ing Kits for all con­struc­tion types: from DIY house kits, to res­id­en­tial, lux­ury/vacation, com­mer­cial, re­tail, storage, in­dus­tri­al, mul­ti­fam­ily, clin­ic/healthcare, mil­it­ary, bunker & saferoom, church & com­mu­nity, etc.

Each am-cor Kit is proudly Made In The USA, us­ing USA products and ma­ter­i­als.

Custom-designed & beautiful Ferrocement homes
Custom-designed & beautiful Ferrocement homes
  • Prefab Kits
    Ferrocement Prefab Kits for all building types: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, MultiFamily, Community, Hospitality, DIY, Tinyhouse, Garage, & more

  • Residential
    Custom & Prefab Residential Home Kits by am-cor inc.: Single & Multi-Family Homes/Townhouses, Apartments buildings, DIY, Low Cost, Affordable. Have it ready in a weekend!

  • Commercial
    Commercial Prefab Kits save time & labor, lower costs & risk. Ferrocement makes: strong & secure, fire & disaster-proof Offices, Retail, Wineries, Restaurants

  • ExoStructures
    Quickly & cost-effectively rehabilitate, insulate, weatherize existing & damaged buildings – while using & living in them!

  • Promotions
    Read about our current discounts & promotions! We're proud to support our troops, with deals for active-duty service members & veterans, as well as non-profit & faith organizations