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Disaster Resistant, Sustainable, Prefab Building Kits: Residential, Commercial, Community, Hospitality, Industrial, and more

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    Ferrocement Building Kits for: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, MultiFamily, Community, Hospitality, DIY, Affordable, Garages, and more.

  • Residential
    am‑cor Residential Kits: Single Family Homes, Multi Family Townhouses, Apartments buildings, Low Cost & Affordable, DIY and more

  • Commercial
    am‑cor Commercial Kits: Offices, Retail, Wineries, Restaurants, Service Buildings, and more

  • ExoStructures
    Quickly & cost-effectively rehabilitate, insulate, weatherize existing & damaged buildings – while using them!

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    Professionals familiar with the am-cor System: experienced Con­tract­ors & Build­ers and contributing Architects & Designers of am‑cor Kits