am‑cor Commercial

am‑cor Commercial Kits: Offices, Retail, Wineries, Restaurants, Service Buildings, and more


The patented am-cor System is ideal for medium span, mid-rise commercial buildings, and can also be used to create high-rise buildings. Our unique amcorite Ferrocement structural stucco skin & engineering allows code-compliant & green built space to be constructed quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively:

  • Save 15-20% over standard building construction costs
  • Complete in 2/3 time of standard construction
  • Save 10% annually on standard building operation costs
  • Inherently Sustainable: approximately 40% smaller Carbon footprint

Developers & Contractors

If you're a Developer or Contractor interested in the cost & time savings of constructing one or more buildings with the am-cor System, please see our Link - Professional section.

Retail & Office

The am-cor System is the an extremely flexible pre-engineered building system. As a designer, contractor, or developer, you can economically form almost any building shape and plan configuration.  The am-cor System not only keeps construction costs low, but also lowers facility maintenance costs over the am-cor building's extremely long lifetime.

Educational & Community

Durability, beauty, fire resistance, and healthy IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) are all important qualities of the am-cor System that make am-cor Day Care Centers, Hospitals, Schools, Clinics, and Churches safe places to be, and safe havens during disasters.

Hospitality & Restaurants

The am-cor System is ideal for the demanding maintenance requirements of the hospitality & service industries. This is especially important in seaside environments, as the special amcorite Ferrocement used to coat am-cor galvanized steel frames does not deteriorate with exposure to salt water, moist air, and strong sunshine. For example, am-cor Tropical Villas and hotels have withstood the test of time in Caribbean seaside resort areas, subject to hurricanes and earthquakes without damage or deterioration.

Ready to build?

Have a question? You can Link - contact us, see finished and under construction buildings in our Link - Galleries, and get started planning your project in the Link - Build It section.

Image (Filer) - diy rough stucco coat smoothing.jpgThe System

The am-cor System is the world's first comprehensive pre-engineered, prefabricated, panelized construction system. Each am-cor Kit provides the entire structure of a building:

  • foundations,
  • columns & beams,
  • roofs, overhangs, sloped surfaces,
  • walls & partitions,
  • railings & stairs,
  • floors, balconies and bay windows.

These structural elements are unified & integrated together by the Link - amcorite Ferrocement skin, which forms a single unibody shell. The completed structure is strong enough to endure hurricanes, storm surges, and earthquakes, and is also fire, vermin, insect, termite, mold, mildew, fungus, and rot resistant. For more information on the am-cor System, see our Link - System Overview.