Heat Wave Proof

Stay Cool, Dry, Safe

With Ferrocement Net-Zero Homes

What is the am-cor System?

  • Panelized Ferrocement = A unique way to build
  • Saves Lives!
  • Comes as a building Kit = Goes up Fast
  • A lot more affordable!

Protect Against…


Keep your family safe with our house Kits made from non-combustible materials, along with built-in 2hr code-compliant fire resistance.


20+ years of am-cor Ferrocement structures protecting families from hurricanes in the Caribbean & Gulf Coast, withstanding high winds and rain.


Storm surge and flood-resistant design protects your family & property during the storm and in the aftermath.


Our integrated footer-wall-roof Ferrocement structures keep your home life secure in high winds and a roof over your head.

Mold & Vermin

How's your (Indoor Air Quality)? Avoid "sick building syndrome" and stay free from: Mildew, rodents, critters, bugs, creepy crawlies, ladybugs/stink bugs…


Our Ferrocement buildings are designed to safely stretch & flex, but not collapse under seismic stress.

Why use am-cor Kits?

Safe & Secure

From luxury villas…

To affordable tinyhouses…

Ferrocement buildings are super-safe during disasters!


Prefabrication — that is, a house in a Kit — saves you money and avoids costly mistakes on your job site. Walls, roofs, and floors fit together like puzzle pieces.


For your peace of mind: We measure and machine cut in a factory setting. Don't waste your time or material, and don't worry about cleanup!


Our Kits come in light & standardized panels, for fast, LEGO-like assembly.
For example: 2 people can put up a 2000 sq.ft. Kit in 2 days!


Our focus on speed, simplicity, and ferrocement technology means am-cor Kits have a much smaller carbon footprint, using up to 1/8th material as standard construction methods.


We strive to make our Kits people- & DIY-friendly as possible. By just following instructions, anybody can put together an am-cor Kit: No need for experienced carpenters/laborers!

Who We Are

We provide disaster-resistant, sustainable & durable, affordable Ferrocement Construction Kits for:

  • Homes (residential)
  • Businesses (commercial)
  • and more, since 2001!

Curious if Ferrocement is a good fit for your project? Read more about our company and experience, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us to get started at the link below.

Architect & Inventor: Angus W. Macdonald at Ferrocement India 2017
Architect & Inventor: Angus W. Macdonald at Ferrocement India 2017

Build Your Own

With our DIY Ferrocement Kits you can:

  • Save money compared to standard construction
  • Assemble and finish your house by yourself
  • Erect a building shell in a weekend!

am-cor Kit owners in the USA have saved up to 20% of construction cost to quickly build a safe, secure, and strong place for their families to live.

How to Order

We do our best to make designing, ordering, and assembling your building Kit as simple and easy as possible.

  • Get Your Design

  • Engineer & Fabricate

  • Payment

  • Ship to Your Site

  • Build it!

Let's talk Pricing

Want to know how much your am-cor Kit will cost? While each project is different, our prices start at:

  • Residential: $14,750 (starting at 250 sq.ft.)
  • Area Rate: $59/sq.ft. avg. base rate (updated 2023-08)

Price estimates are in US Dollars, and are the same for mortgages.

And yes, you can apply for loans to finance your am-cor prefab home. We are happy to assist with your bank's procedures thanks to our decades worth of knowledge in the industry.

What's in a Kit

Each Fer­ro­ce­ment Kit comes stand­ard with everything you need to put up your build­ing's struc­tur­al frame. That means:

  • Pre-en­gin­eered & pre­fab­ric­ated pan­els
  • Walls, floors, roofs, partitions, columns/beams, etc.
  • Ne­ces­sary fasten­ers & screws
  • Struc­tur­al Ferroce­ment ad­dit­ives
  • Pre-formed de­tails
  • Plans & dir­ec­tions

Your job (or your build­er's) is to put it together on-site!

Strong, secure, safe
Strong, secure, safe

And there's more…

On-site Support

Your Kit comes with a site visit by one of our knowledgeable am-cor Field Reps, to guide & answer questions; e.g.: Ferrocement stuccoing.

💯 Code Guarantee

We guarantee our Kits conform to your local building code: from hurricane winds to heavy snow loads, we've got you covered.

Equipment Pack

Each Kit comes with a basic toolkit—screwguns, clamps, measuring tape, etc.—so you can get started ASAP.

Field Manual

An online, downloadable step-by-step guide for assembling your Kit, with structural details, arch. diagrams, photos and videos.

Less Waste

Since we prefabricate and precut as much as possible, our Kits have almost zero on-site waste. Your jobsite and the planet will thank you.


We guarantee all our Kits are made to our higher than industry-standard quality control requirements, or we'll fix it at our cost.

What's YOUR need?

Are you looking to build your very first house? Do you want to build the perfect forever home—from luxury villa, single family,  to ADU or tiny house? Perhaps a vacation house for you and your family, maybe a tinyhouse AirBnB rental? Or are you looking to build something that will withstand the test of time and last for generations in your family—thereby creating priceless generational wealth? Whatever the reason, we will help you pick the right approach and customize your dream prefab home so that it fits perfectly with your vision.