Kit Contents

What's included in your am-cor prefab Kit: plans & details, panels & fasteners, manuals & resources, on-site guidance & instruction

What you need to build

Each am-cor™ Fer­ro­Ce­ment Pre­fab Kit comes stand­ard with everything you need to get your build­ing's struc­tur­al frame up, per­mit­ted & as­sembled.

That means:

  1. Build­ing per­mit: we provide en­gin­eer­ing doc­u­ment­a­tion, in­clud­ing stand­ard de­tails and cus­tom­ized struc­tur­al draw­ings, to help you ap­ply for a build­ing per­mit. 
  2. Struc­tur­al Kit: pre­fab­ric­ated & pre-en­gin­eered, easy-to-as­semble gal­van­ized car­bon steel fram­ing pan­els, ne­ces­sary fasten­ers, struc­tur­al ce­ment ad­dit­ives, pre-formed de­tails, etc.
  3. On-site Guid­ance: our know­ledge­able Field Rep­res­ent­at­ives provide crew in­struc­tion for pan­el as­sembly & am­cor­ite Fer­ro­ce­ment coat­ing, and plans & dir­ec­tions.

You or your build­er will as­semble the Kit on-site, to con­struct all of the build­ing shell.

Simplified construction: Ferrocement doubles as exterior sheathing & structural skin
Simplified construction: Ferrocement doubles as exterior sheathing & structural skin

Kit Com­pon­ents

Finished am-cor Residential Kit shell

Each am-cor Kit is com­posed of mul­tiple pan­els. These pre­fab­ric­ated fram­ing pan­els fit to­geth­er quickly and eas­ily, and in­clude:

  • Pre­fab­ric­ated gal­van­ized steel Foot­er trays
  • Ex­ter­i­or walls, found­a­tion and above-grade
  • In­teri­or par­ti­tions & bear­ing par­ti­tions
  • Floors/ceil­ings
  • Roof fram­ing (gable, hip, flat/low-slope, ten­sion mem­brane, hy­per­bol­ic para­bol­oids)
  • Arches & de­tails
  • Columns/posts, beams
  • Open­ing head­ers
  • Bal­conies, over­hangs & can­ti­levers
  • Rail­ings, knee walls
  • Ver­an­das, patios, garden walls
  • Stairs: treads, risers, stringers, etc.

Please note: Roof­ing, weath­er­seal­ing, in­su­la­tion, fin­ishes, paints, etc. are sold sep­ar­ately.

Kit Ser­vices

Each Kit in­cludes the fol­low­ing ser­vices:

  • Co­llabora­tion with de­sign­er, ar­chi­tect, pro­ject en­gin­eer: Guid­ance and pro­fes­sion­al ad­vice to ad­just your plans to steel pan­el and fram­ing design, if ne­ces­sary
  • Guar­an­teed to conform to building code: Stand­ard de­tails (e.g.: foot­er, wall, roof, sec­tions), sealed draw­ings of struc­tur­al found­a­tion & fram­ing for your build­ing per­mit sub­mis­sion
  • Co­or­din­a­tion with loc­al code au­thor­ity: we help get­ting your per­mit, and can com­mu­nic­ate with your build­ing de­part­ment to en­sure ap­prov­al
  • Il­lus­trated Field Manu­al: you get links to all our on­line doc­u­ment­a­tion de­tail­ing Kit as­sembly, gen­er­al dir­ec­tions, and best prac­tices (also down­load­able as pdf for off­line view­ing)
  • Cus­tom­ized Pro­ject Manu­al: step-by-step in­struc­tions spe­cif­ic to your pro­ject, in­clud­ing di­men­sioned & de­tailed Found­a­tion Dia­grams, Wall/Roof/Floor/Stair dia­grams, In­su­la­tion pro­gram, etc.
  • Ship­ping setup: We provide a veri­fied bill of lad­ing & in­voice and load the Kit for FOB ship­ment, and ar­range with the ship­per/freight pro­vider (ship­ping cost paid by cli­ent)
  • Vis­it to your site by a Field Rep­res­ent­at­ive to give a tu­tori­al to you and your crew on pan­el as­sembly & am­cor­ite Fer­ro­ce­ment ap­plic­a­tion

Kit Ma­ter­i­als

In ad­di­tion the Ser­vices above, each Kit in­cludes:

  • am-cor pre­fab­ric­ated struc­tur­al fram­ing pan­els (types lis­ted above), made of:
    • Light gauge, car­bon steel, fact­ory as­sembled pan­els
    • Gal­van­ized (rust-res­ist­ant), struc­tur­al gauge min. strength: 30,000 psi.
    • Pre-punched for (con­cealed aka in-wall) ser­vice runs
    • All pan­els labeled & keyed to Field Manu­al
  • am­cor­ite™ struc­tur­al Fer­ro­ce­ment gel
    • Pat­en­ted ex­ter­i­or coat­ing for­mula
    • Ce­ment strengthen­er, re­du­cer, re­in­for­cer, and elast­i­cizer
    • In­creases work­ab­il­ity and strength of stand­ard Port­land ce­ment
  • Struc­tur­al Fasten­ers
    • Chro­mi­um plated (steel-to-steel, steel-to-wood, etc.)
  • Pre-Formed De­tails
    • Gal­van­ized steel eave, sof­fit, and rake mem­bers
  • Equip­ment Kit (for DIYers), with ex­ample tools you'll need to as­semble the Kit, such as:
    • Bat­tery-op­er­ated power screw guns
    • Levels, squares, stringlines, etc.
    • Gloves & goggles
    • Trow­els & mix­ing basins
    • Snips & grinders
    • etc.

See our Construction Setup sec­tion for what you'll need to pre­pare for & fin­ish out your Kit, or contact us dir­ec­tly.