am-cor Kit Construction Cost and Budgeting Info

Construction cost does not need to be a guessing game. We can help you get a good handle on your project cost using the am-cor System. For custom cost data, please see our Link - Pricing section.

In order to construct an am-cor Kit, you need to provide:


  • buildable land
  • zoning and building permits
  • offload and panel staging area
  • on-site electrical power supply
  • construction tools and equipment
  • insurances
  • offload and construction labor
  • site supervision and project management


  • reinforced concrete foundation
  • reinforced concrete ground floor slab
  • cement, sand & water for amcorite™ Ferrocement mixtures
  • roofing, gutters, and downspouts as needed, sealants, and subgrade foundation coating
  • door hardware & interior doors (unless shipped with your Kit as an Option)
  • insulation
  • wood decking per design, such as floor or roof deck if shingles are used
  • (wood) blocking
  • drywall and fasteners
  • service installations

Each am-cor Kit provides everything needed to construct a Ferrocement shell; see Link - Kit Contents for details. The items listed above are not part of the am-cor Kit, but may be necessary for a complete building shell.