Construction Setup

am-cor Prefab Kit Construction Setup, Materials, etc. for Costing and Budgeting Info

Simple & Straightforward Construction

Con­struc­tion cost does not need to be a guess­ing game. We can help you get a good handle on your pro­ject cost us­ing the am-cor Sys­tem. Our Prefab Kits are easy & quick to assemble, see below what's required.

Insulation in fireproof daycare
Insulation in fireproof daycare

What You Provide

While we're fab­ric­at­ing your Kit, you'll need to ar­range:

Site & Per­mit Pre­par­a­tion

  • Job site: your land
  • Site sur­vey
  • Zon­ing and build­ing per­mits: we help with these
  • Of­f­load and pan­el sta­ging area
  • On-site elec­tric­al power sup­ply
  • In­sur­ances, safety setup as re­quired
  • Of­f­load and con­struc­tion labor
  • Site su­per­vi­sion and pro­ject man­age­ment

In or­der to as­semble the Kit in­to a build­ing shell, you'll need:

Ba­sic con­struc­tion ma­ter­i­als

  • Gravel
  • Port­land ce­ment
  • Build­er's sand
  • Wa­ter

For amcorite™ Ferrocement mix­tures.

Ad­di­tion­al tools as ne­ces­sary

  • Screw guns
  • Clamps
  • Shovels
  • etc.

With the above you'll get a struc­tur­al build­ing shell, which can be fin­ished out at your leis­ure & ac­cord­ing to taste.

In or­der to fin­ish out your Kit's build­ing shell, you'll need:

Gen­er­al ma­ter­i­als

  • Found­a­tion drain­age & weath­er­proof­ing: gut­ters & down­spouts as needed, seal­ants, sub­grade found­a­tion drain­pipes & coat­ing
  • Con­crete: mono­lith­ic floor slab & foot­er pour
  • Open­ings: doors & win­dows
  • In­su­la­tion: aero­gel & closed-cell spray foam re­com­men­ded
  • Roof­ing: non-com­bust­ible met­al re­com­men­ded
  • Ser­vices: elec­tric­al & plumb­ing, pipes, fix­tures, lights, wires,etc.
  • Re­new­ables: sol­ar pan­els, bat­ter­ies, wind tur­bines, etc.

Ex­ample Fin­ishes

  • Kit­chen & bath­rooms: coun­ters, cab­in­etry, etc.
  • In­teri­or walls & floor­ing: gypsum dry­wall, wood, etc.
  • Ex­ter­i­or fin­ishes: stucco, brick, sid­ing (non-com­bust­ible like Hardi­plank re­com­men­ded), etc.
  • Whatever else you like!

Check out the Con­struc­tion Se­quence for a graph­ic­al step-by-step of put­ting up an am-cor Kit.

Each am-cor Kit provides everything needed to con­struct a Fer­ro­ce­ment shell; see Kit Con­tents for de­tails. The items lis­ted above are not part of the am-cor Kit, but may be ne­ces­sary for a com­plete build­ing shell.