Construction Sequence

See how our Prefab Ferrocement Kits go up! Step-by-step am‑cor Kit Construction Sequence, from foundations to walls & roof to interior finishes & completion

Kit Assembly Step-by-Step

All con­struc­tion steps are de­tailed and il­lus­trated in the am-cor Field Manu­al included with your am-cor Kit.

Time es­tim­ates are based on an ex­per­i­enced 3-4 per­son crew, in best-case weather, all supplies & labor available, etc.

Local crew quickly learns Kit assembly
Local crew quickly learns Kit assembly


This is an ex­ample con­struc­tion se­quence & sched­ule for as­sem­bling the  Mille Moden  am-cor Kit.

The am-cor Sys­tem is Own­er-Build­er & con­tract­or-friendly, us­ing stand­ard con­struc­tion meth­ods to as­semble on-site, and stand­ard trades for in­stall­a­tion of in­su­la­tion, ser­vices, trim, and in­teri­ors. Be­cause the pat­en­ted am-cor Sys­tem is pre-en­gin­eered & pan­el­ized, con­struc­tion time and cost are re­duced. The am-cor Sys­tem conforms to the IBC, UL, and ASTM material standards.

1. Found­a­tions Es­tim­ated Time: 1 Day
  • Pre­pare site; ex­cav­ate foot­ings
  • Place found­a­tion re­in­force­ment; pour con­crete foot­ings
  • Place and com­pact gravel base to floor slab
Simpler foundations = faster & cheaper
2. Ex­ter­i­or Walls Es­tim­ated Time: 1/2 Day
  • Place light­weight am-cor gal­van­ized steel frame pan­els
  • En­sure plumb & square; se­cure pan­els to top of foot­ing
  • Join pan­els to­geth­er
Fast, easy assembly: 60s/panel to tilt up then fasten
3. Floor Slab Es­tim­ated Time: 1 Day
  • Place sub­grade in­su­la­tion
  • In­stall ground­works
  • Place floor slab va­por seal; re­in­force/in­su­late slab
  • Pour slab, im­bed­ding ex­ter­i­or wall pan­els
Walls embedded in slab = real disaster-resistance
4. Roof Frame / Up­per Floor, Sheath­ing Es­tim­ated Time: 1/2 Day
  • In­stall in­teri­or par­ti­tion pan­els
  • Set roof pan­els or second floor pan­els
  • Mount win­dows and ex­ter­i­or doors
  • Ap­ply mesh strips at joints and open­ings
Quick & easy plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.
5. Shell En­clos­ure Es­tim­ated Time: 1 Day
  • Mask ex­ter­i­or doors & win­dows
  • Mix and ap­ply am­cor­ite™ struc­tur­al Ferrocement skin
  • Ap­ply wa­ter res­ist­ant ce­ment fin­ish coat
  • Ap­ply or­na­ment­al lay­ers: stucco, brick, sid­ing, etc.
Flexibility: Any type of exterior/roofing

Total Es­tim­ated Shell Con­struc­tion Time: 4 Days

Won­der­ing how much your Kit will cost? Check out our Pricing page, or con­tact us for de­tails on your pro­ject.