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am‑cor Residential Kits: Single Family Homes, Multi Family Townhouses, Apartments buildings, Low Cost & Affordable, DIY and more

Ferrocement Application
The System

The am-cor System is the world's first comprehensive pre-engineered, prefabricated, panelized housing system. Each am-cor Kit provides the entire structure of a building:

  • foundations,
  • columns & beams,
  • roofs, overhangs, sloped surfaces,
  • walls & partitions,
  • railings & stairs,
  • floors, balconies and bay windows.

These structural elements are unified & integrated together by the amcorite Ferrocement skin, which forms a single unibody shell. The completed structure is strong enough to endure hurricanes, storm surges, and earthquakes, and is also fire, vermin, insect, termite, mold, mildew, fungus, and rot resistant. For more information on the am-cor System, see our System Overview.

Safe & Healthy Homes

We take your health seriously!


Keep your family & children's health safe from dangerous chemicals and carinogens. The am-cor System contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), to pollute the air in your home.


Keep your life & belongings safe from fire & fire & smoke damage. am-cor Kit materials are fireproof, and do not out-gas under high heat.

Fireproof exteriors
Pest Free

  • No mice, rats, or other vermin
  • No insects, roaches, or termites
  • No mold, mildew, fungus

Insects, animals, and mold & fungus eat organic materials, such as the sugar in wood. These pests are a danger to not only your building but also your health. Constant exposure to poisons used in exterminating these pests is also dangerous to your health, and expensive! The am-cor System contains nothing to harbor or sustain these pests, keeping you and your family safe & healthy.

Energy Savings

When it comes to insulation, the am-cor System is flexible, allowing different solutions for each situation. The amcorite Ferrocement Carbon steel skin is seamlessly wraps around your am-cor home, forming a continuous barrier to air infiltration and heat transfer. All insulations work well in am-cor walls and roofs - achieving their maximum R-rating. Because am-cor walls and roofs have cavities, insulation, services, and renewable energy systems can easily be integrated into an am-cor structural shell.

See our Insulation section for more.

Flood Resistant Basement
Basements & Foundations

You can build an am-cor house, townhouse, or apartment on a slope. We engineer our Kits for to include retaining walls and basement walls, all integrated with the rest of the structure using amcorite Ferrocement. Subgrade walls are waterproofed with standard foundation coating. Galvanized steel frame interiors are ready for services and finishes in case you want to use your basement as living area.

Ready to build?

Have a question? You can contact us, see some finished and under construction homes in our Galleries, and get started on your project in the Build It section.

Building Smart

We prefabricate an am-cor Kit for your new home, based on dimensioned floorplans (from one of our standard Kits or your own custom design). The Kit is shipped to your site, unloaded, and speedily assembled. am-cor Kits can be assembled in a single day, from foundations to walls to roof, into a structural shell.

am-cor Kits use considerably less material & labor than standard construction, and our prefab, programmed construction schedule saves money, time, and reduces waste & costly mistakes. Each am-cor Kit includes a detailed Field Manual, which describes each step of assembly & construction.

The structural shell of your home is finished out by installing:

  • Plumbing services & fixtures
  • Electrical services & fixtures
  • Your choice of insulation
  • Cabinetry & interior doors
  • Interior finishes

The am-cor System saves you time & money during this stage of construction as well, since no drilling/chipping is required to install services in am-cor wall, floor, and roof cavities. The System is flexible, integrating with many different types of insulation; for more information, see our Insulation section. Also, the am-cor System provides built-in furring to attached interior surfaces - no extra furring out is required.


Interested in an am-cor Residence? Read on for the benefits of building your home with the am-cor System.

Ferrocement Disaster Resistance
Developers & Contractors

If you're a Developer or Contractor interested in the cost & time savings of constructing one or more buildings with the am-cor System, please see our Professional section.


You're an Owner-Builder if you:

  • want to build a single building
  • are not a professional contractor/developer

If you want to build a new home or addition, choose a plan from our standard Kit floorplans or design your own Custom Kit. If you plan on managing or performing your project's construction, check out our DIY section.