am-cor Kit Assembly

Resources on Designing, Assembling, Constructing and Finishing am‑cor Kits

See below for resources on Assembling am-cor Kits. We have copious amounts of data & experience from the field, so please bear with us while we add & format more information.

  • Construction Sequence
    Step-by-step am‑cor Kit Construction Sequence, from Foundations to Interior Finishes & Completion

  • Kit Contents
    What's included in your am-cor Kit

  • Construction
    am-cor Kit Construction Cost and Budgeting Info

  • Foundations
    Common Foundation Solutions for am-cor Kits in all Climates

  • Openings
    Installing Doors, Windows, and other opening types with the am-cor System

  • Insulation
    Insulation Solutions: Examples, Assemblies, and typical insulation details for the am-cor Ferrocement System

  • Roofs
    Typical am-cor Roofs, including Shingle, Metal, Concrete and Ferrocement Roofs