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am-cor inc.

Inventor Angus W. Macdonald's works on Ferrocement:

  • Ferro-Cement Coatings on Panelized Lightweight Steel Frame Structures, Ferro-7 Seventh International Symposium on Ferrocement and Thin Reinforced Cement Composites, 2001. M. A. Mansur and K. C. G. Ong, editors, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 415-420
  • Architectural Details to Develop Affordable Disaster Resistant Structures Using Ferrocement Technology, Ferro-8 Eighth International Symposium on Ferrocement and Thin Reinforced Cement Composites, 2006


Resources from around the web:



  • Macdonald Architecture & Technology - Provides project design, project management, and construction supervision for all building types, with an emphasis on sustainable building, green materials, energy efficiency and environmentally responsible design.

Contractors & Project Managers


  • J. Hall Homes, Inc., VA - Distinctive single-family homes in the Fredericksburg Area of Virginia, balancing innovation and practicality to create homes of striking beauty and exceptional value, incorporating modern construction techniques, materials, and building systems for high quality, energy efficient homes.
  • Ridge Line Builders, Inc., VA - Small, family owned and operated business that has served Fauquier, VA and surrounding counties for ten years, bringing honesty, affordability and quality to every project.
  • Opitz Construction, VA
  • R.W. Murray Co., VA
  • Cotter Ryan General Contractors, FL


  • Daley's Construction, Sandy Bay; tel: 876 953 5151