Siempre Unidos Clinic Honduras

Siempre Unidos in Honduras chose the am-cor System for its affordability, speed, and disaster-resistance.


Siempre Unidos is a charity organization providing medical treatment, employment, and social environment to AIDS victims in Honduras. Their most recent project is a new HIV clinic, factory, and community center in San Pedro Sula.


The site features a large Ceiba tree, considered by Hondurans to be a Tree of Life. The clinic is designed to wrap around this tree forming a shady courtyard as the social focal point of the complex. The clinic, community center, chapel, and pharmacy are on the ground floor. Upstairs are offices, the factory, and a guest suite. The circular form of this structure is easily created using the am-cor construction System. Different colors and textures are applied as finish coats over the amcorite structural coating to accentuate continuity and unity as the symbol for Siempre Unidos and its mission.

The Siempre Unidos Clinic extends the concept of Extreme Affordability, providing high-quality, durable construction to the developing world.


Learn more about Siempre Unidos and their work in Honduras at their website.


Learn more about Siempre Unidos and its work at its website.


Clinic Courtyard Interior
Clinic Street Entrance