The Future

We think our Prefab Ferrocement Technologies & Systems can change the World and drastically reduce Carbon in building construction

Ex­treme Af­ford­ab­il­ity

We are com­mit­ted to cre­at­ing ex­tremely af­ford­able dis­aster-res­ist­ant shel­ter, to ful­fill hous­ing needs in the US and the world. We be­lieve the am-cor Sys­tem holds the key to hous­ing the world; it may sound like a tall or­der, but we be­lieve our pat­en­ted designs and con­tinu­ing in­nov­a­tion will make high qual­ity, low-cost hous­ing a real­ity.

En­ergy Tech­no­logy

We be­lieve the am-cor Sys­tem can help build the in­fra­struc­ture and pro­mote in­teg­ra­tion of re­new­able en­ergy tech­no­logy in­to our homes, of­fices, ware­houses, and schools. Re­search & de­vel­op­ment and sus­tained im­prove­ments to the am-cor Sys­tem will pro­mote solu­tions to the world­wide real­it­ies of rap­id pop­u­la­tion growth, re­source scarcity, and cli­mate change.

En­vir­on­ment­al Sus­tain­ab­il­ity

Build­ing con­struc­tion con­trib­utes about 30% of man's total Car­bon foot­print on Earth. Heat­ing and cool­ing build­ings emits about 40% of the total green­house gases pro­duced by Man. These factors make build­ing design and con­struc­tion ma­ter­i­al choices ex­tremely im­port­ant. The am-cor Sys­tem is com­posed of the strongest and most dur­able build­ing ma­ter­i­als: steel and con­crete. This is im­port­ant for dis­as­ter res­ist­ance and long build­ing life-cycle. am-cor struc­tur­al geo­metry provides great­er strength than stand­ard re­in­forced con­crete us­ing 70% less ma­ter­i­al, RE­DU­CING THE CON­STRUC­TION CAR­BON FOOT­PRINT BY ABOUT 70%. Use of the am-cor Passiv Haus thermal break & su­per in­su­la­tion pro­gram can save about 90% of heat­ing/cool­ing cost, RE­DU­CING OC­CU­PANCY FOOT­PRINT BY ABOUT 80%. Glob­al use of the am-cor Sys­tem would provide af­ford­able safe hab­it­a­tion in coastal areas as well as lower man's over­all Car­bon foot­print. Struc­tur­al geo­metry, ma­ter­i­al choice, and build­ing design are keys to a sus­tain­able fu­ture for con­struc­tion.

Hu­man Health & Safety

Mod­ern build­ing con­struc­tion & main­ten­ance meth­ods in­cor­por­ate nu­mer­ous car­ci­no­gens and pois­on­ous sub­stances, such as plastics, glues, seal­ers, pesti­cides, etc.  Ad­di­tion­al VOC's mi­grate from build­ing ma­ter­i­als in­to the at­mo­sphere and in­teri­ors where people live and breathe.  Pest & termite treat­ments and oth­er pre­ser­va­tion meth­ods spread deadly chem­ic­als in our homes, com­munity build­ings, and of­fices. Po­ten­tial af­fects of this tox­ic mix in­clude: in­creased aut­ism in chil­dren, raised al­ler­gic re­ac­tions, en­do­crine & re­pro­duct­ive or­gan dam­age, ge­net­ic de­teri­or­a­tion, and long term risk of can­cer. The am-cor Uni­fied Steel & Ce­ment Con­struc­tion Sys­tem uses only min­er­al ma­ter­i­als to cre­ate healthy build­ing shells; am-cor ma­ter­i­als are non-tox­ic, free from out-gass­ing, totally in­ert, and com­pletely healthy, provid­ing a safer, health­i­er, en­vir­on­ment & fu­ture.