Fort Myers Model Home

am-cor Model Home in Fort Myers is an example of the latest Ferrocement, Insulation, and Exostructure technologies.


This concrete home was gutted by fire.  The owner is rebuilding using the am-cor System to encase the surviving concrete block exterior walls, and to add an upper story master suite and library.  Garden walls, pool arcade, and a guest house are constructed of the am-cor System.

The am-cor ExoStructure which wraps around the existing block walls, shields the masonry from changes in exterior temperature turning the entire masonry structure into a heat sink.  This causes a fly wheel effect on interior temperature, evening out variations and lowering fuel consumption.

The am-cor Ferrocement frame coated with its amcorite structural Portland cement skin creates a unibody shell around the entire building for resistance to hurricanes.  Being made entirely of galvanized steel and cement, the new am-cor building shell is fire and termite resistant.