Hurricane Ivan Impact

A real world example of the am-cor System's Hurricane resistance


Structures built using the am-cor System have withstood many natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, seismic events, fires, and floods.

The following pictures show how the am-cor System's Link - Ferrocement unibody stress-skin allowed an under-construction hotel complex in Jamaica to not only with withstand Hurricane Ivan's 165 mph (270 km/h) winds, but also the impact from large objects thrown by such winds.

Superior Ferrocement Structures

The pictures below show an am-cor construction site in Jamaica, WI, hit by Hurricane Ivan, the 10th most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded:

  • The job site was in mid-construction when the hurricane hit
  • This am-cor beachside structure was unfinished, and was not as strong as it would be when finished
  • The large rock is a chunk of the seawall, thrown about 200' (61m) inland from the coast, all from the force of the hurricane's wind & waves
  • The dimensions of the chunk are approximately 8' x 2' x 3' = 48 cu.ft. (1.4 m3)
  • The sea wall chunk damaged a structural bearing wall, which now supports 2 additional stories

Chunk of seawall

Damaged wall & chunk

Structural members replaced

  • While the impact of the seawall chunk indented the amcorite™ Ferrocement skin & bent the interior structural members, the skin did not rupture
  • The affected area was easily patched, by removing the indented skin, replacing the bent members, and resurfacing with Ferrocement
  • The weight of the chunk is estimated at 6,900 lbs. (3,130 kg), or about 3.5 US tons
  • The am-cor System's unibody stress-skin distributed the impact's force throughout the integrated frame:
    • There was no single point of failure (no reliance on fasteners, joints, etc.)
    • The entire structure resisted the impact, not just a particular wall section
    • If the bearing wall had been made of standard reinforced concrete block, the roof would have collapsed.


The sea wall chunk hit the front bearing wall of an am-cor Beachside Condo structure. The chunk forced its way through the wall, telescoping the supporting studs of a bearing wall between two of the condo units, so that the am-cor slab roof was unsupported. The building's span was suddenly changed from the designed 14 ft. span to 28 ft. The am-cor roof did not deflect or collapse, proving that am-cor structures are structurally redundant monocoque shells.

Not only are am-cor Kits a smart investment, as they easily withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes, but they are also life-saving structures, and can double as luxury residences & disaster-resistant shelter.

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