Bon Samaritain Mission Haiti

The Bon Samaritain Mission in Haiti chose the am-cor System for its safety and earthquake-resistance.


The Bon Samaritain Mission in Haiti chose the am-cor System to rebuild and expand their school, orphanage & shelter after it was damaged during the devastating 2010 Haitian earthquake.


Classrooms, clinic, community, cafeteria & kitchen are on the ground floor level. Children's dormitory and common room, guest suites and adult common room are on the upper level. The entire structure is created using the am-cor System's prefabricated Ferrocement technology, so all spaces in the complex are safe havens during earthquakes and hurricanes. The building is designed in a U-shape to form a protected play area in the form of a courtyard.


The am-cor System was attractive to the Bon Samaritian Mission because it provides:

  • Safety
  • Low cost
  • Ease of assembly

The Bon Samaritain Mission extends the concept of Link - Extreme Affordability, providing high-quality, durable construction to the developing world.


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Bon Samaritain Mission & Orphanage Bon Samaritain Mission & Orphanage Interior Courtyard Perspective Watercolor