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Multistory Ferrocement High-rise

Sept. 20, 2011

By: Otto

high-rise hybrid

The am-cor Hybrid Highrise structural method combines a prefabricated steel framework with the am-cor Ferrocement System, in order to create high-rise buildings using Ferrocement.

Combining 2 construction systems

  • Panelized Ferrocement walls, roofs, and floors
  • Modular steel main frame

Construction sequence

  • The steel frames are erected, creating beams and columns at each floor level
  • am-cor Ferrocement panels are integrated with the steel frame substrate, creating a unibody hybrid structure


This combinations results in a structure that is quickly built, from the inside out: perfect for tight or space restricted building sites. Fire resistant Ferrocement panels protect the steel frame from both flame and weather. The exterior appearance is normally of textured tinted cement, the same as concrete and/or rendered masonry; however, metal, tile, stone, or masonry veneers can be added to the panel fronts to achieve any desired design.