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India Ferrocement Society

Fourth Ferrocement Conference 2017

Sept. 7, 2019

    am-cor PREFABRICATED FERROCEMENT KITS recognized as an innovative Ferrocement application!

    The am-cor System was featured at the 4th India Ferrocement Society Convention, Kerala, India 2017.

    Angus W. Macdonald, inventor of prefabricated Ferrocement and founder of am-cor inc., was the keynote speaker at the convention. He was also presented with the Society's Appreciation Award for Innovative Applications in Ferrocement.

    Macdonald's talk addressed the importance of Ferrocement as an efficient structural type which uses much less concrete to achieve needed strength and durability. This efficiency means that the cement quantity is reduced in Ferrocement structures, as compared with cast-in-place concrete and reinforced masonry construction. Since the manufacture of cement requires extreme heat, usually produced by fossil fuels, cement quantity reduction in structures means a substantially reduced Carbon footprint associated with the use of Ferrocement structures. The Carbon footprint of construction is about 40% of man's total Carbon footprint. Macdonald's designs reduce the cement requirement by about 70%. Widespread use of this engineering would result in a substantial mitigation in regards to global warming and climate change attributed to human activity.