Common terms and definitions for am-cor Ferrocement construction

Glossary terms

Carbon Dioxide; greenhouse gas
exterior insulation finishing system; e.g.: plastic based stucco over foam board
Freight On Board; place where the buyer becomes responsible for the shipment and the shipping charges
Trademarked name of the am‑cor System's Ferrocement unibody stress-skin technology patent
maximum allowable stress before significant deformation of a material
Insulated Concrete Forms: foam plastic formwork/walls into which concrete is poured
LEED rating system
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings
round temple of Ancient Rome with a concrete-encased dome, built about 110AD
structural insulated panels: insulation foam sandwiched between thin wood board; a misnomer, as the panels require additional structure to form a complete building
Total Construction Hard Cost
TCHC (Total Construction Hard Cost): Hard cost of constructing a finished building. Includes material & labor for construction and enclosure of the building shell: foundations, structure, finishes, services, insulation, basic trim, fixtures and cabinetry. Does not include costs indirectly associated with construction of the building, such as: siteworks, contractor overheads, utility hookups, taxes, permits, fees, etc.
Underwriters Laboratory: internationally recognized material testing & certification
truss with vertical struts between top & bottom chords, invented by Arthur Vierendeel
active solar
mechanical use of the sun's energy; usually involves collector panels, pumps, circulation of coolant and fans
stone for mixing with cement, sand, and water to form concrete
relating to the immediate surroundings
creates Ferrocement: patented fibered structural gel added to cement mix to strengthen, add flexibility, and improve workability
back flashing
rubber or metal strip to cover the joint between flashing and its vertical surface
to place fill (earth or sand) against a subgrade wall or over a subgrade roof surface
basalt fiber
fire resistant fiber made from basalt, a mineral from the earth's mantle; used in amcorite
insulation; modular blanket of fiberglass wool insulation to fit between studs/rafters