am-cor For Architects & Engineers

Why Architects & Engineers should specify the am-cor System

Why Specify The am-cor System?

The am-cor Unified Steel and Cement™construction system is a disaster-resistant, durable and sustainable, minimal-maintenance building system. Buildings constructed using the patented am-cor Ferrocement System cost less to build, less to maintain, and less to heat and cool.

As an architect or engineer, specifying the am-cor System will save your clients money, construction time, and provide a longer-lasting, better performing building.

Why Specify am-cor?

Fortified, Quality Construction

The am-cor System is complete structural system: with walls imbedded in concrete foundations, and floors, roofs, stairs, balconies and railings all joined together as galvanized a steel frame, coated with a highly reinforced amcorite Ferrocement structural cement stress skin - forming an extremely strong, disaster resistant, monocoque composite structure.

Price Competitive The am-cor System is panelized and pre-engineered; it obviates the need for a number of expensive and redundant building practices. The cost of am-cor buildings is comparable with that of standard stick built, and 20-40% less than standard reinforced concrete block.
Code Compliance am-cor building shells are code-compliant, and meet ICC, ASTM, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirements for hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, and earthquake resistance; they are pre-engineered for extreme strength, and panelized for low cost and speedy on-site assembly.
Design Support am-cor inc. provides full customer support to architects and designers:
  • Design Manual, including span tables and sample structures
  • Building code compliance
  • Assistance in LEED accreditation
  • Telephone hotline; online resources: direct engineering email, web specification archive
  • Quality Assurance inspection of completed structures
Full Site Support In addition to system panelization and pre-engineering, am-cor inc. provides full site support:
  • All structural frame drawings sealed by an architect for building permit submission
  • All panels keyed to the Field Manual, which describes building with the am-cor system
  • Operation Manual describes using and maintaining the finished building
  • am-cor Field Representative provides on-site builder crew instruction
Standard Trades Standard trades, materials and methods are used to complete am-cor structural shells; services & insulation are easily & quickly placed in am-cor shells.
Tried & Proven am-cor hotels, houses, villas, and casinos have weathered hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and seismic events with no structural damage.
A Green System am-cor Kits are fabricated using 100% renewable energy and 100% recyclable material; furthermore, incorporation of renewable energy generation technologies (solar, photovoltaics, geothermal, etc.) into a project results in a negative carbon footprint over the building’s lifetime.

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