Company Profile

Get to know us at am-cor inc.! Learn about our tech, products & services, vision & expertise—all to save the world & protect people, one building at a time

Who We Are

In­cor­por­ated in 2002, uni­fied steel and re­in­forced ce­ment build­ing kit man­u­fac­turer am-cor inc. has stayed on the cut­ting edge of mod­ern con­struc­tion tech­no­logy with its pat­en­ted Ferrocement am-cor Con­struc­tion Sys­tem.

What We Do

am-cor inc. provides build­ing solu­tions world­wide, from low-cost hous­ing to lux­ury tour­ist vil­las. Pro­jects in­clude dis­as­ter res­ist­ant struc­tures, such as schools, day­care cen­ters, com­mer­cial & hos­pit­al­ity com­plexes, and agro-in­dus­tri­al fa­cil­it­ies. World­wide tech­no­logy ser­vices in­clude glob­al in­ter­net mar­ket­ing of am-cor Kits through its on­line store, Fer­ro­ce­ment struc­tur­al en­gin­eer­ing & pro­ject design, and hands-on site in­struc­tion show­ing build­ers how to as­semble and fin­ish am-cor build­ing shell kits.

How We Do It

am-cor inc. is able to of­fer su­per­i­or ser­vices and build­ing con­struc­tion at lower cost through a com­bin­a­tion of ad­vanced tech­no­logy and dec­ades of ex­per­i­en­ce. The am-cor fer­ro­ce­ment con­struc­tion sys­tem is a pro­pri­et­ary tech­no­logy based on pat­en­ted pan­el designs by ar­chi­tect & in­vent­or An­gus W. Mac­don­ald. Us­ing ad­vanced, spe­cial­ized 3D mod­el­ing and en­gin­eer­ing soft­ware, am-cor inc. quickly es­tim­ates con­struc­tion cost and pub­lishes de­tailed il­lus­trated manu­als ex­plain­ing man­u­fac­tur­ing, field as­sembly and fin­ish­ing tech­niques.

Our Staff

am-cor inc. em­ploys li­censed ar­chi­tects and re­gistered struc­tur­al en­gin­eers to de­vel­op design data based on the am-cor Sys­tem. It has ac­com­plished in­ter­net tech­ni­cians to pro­duce in­ter­act­ive web­sites and 3D present­a­tions of am-cor designs and build­ing shells. Our staff has in­ter­na­tion­al ex­per­i­en­ce in steel frame as­sembly line design and in field as­sembly tech­niques, equip­ment, ma­ter­i­als, and crew train­ing. We also provide pro­ject and site man­age­ment to as­semble & com­plete am-cor build­ing shells.

Green Pro­duc­tion Fa­cil­ity

am-cor inc. has de­signed its USA new green and sus­tain­able Fer­ro­ce­ment pan­el fact­ory as a mod­el pro­duc­tion fa­cil­ity. Pro­duc­tion ma­chinery, cli­mate con­trol, hot wa­ter and oth­er ser­vices will be sol­ar powered, re­du­cing the car­bon foot­print of am-cor build­ing pan­els and com­pleted build­ing shells. The pro­duc­tion fa­cil­ity in Culpeper, VA, is cent­rally loc­ated on the US East­ern Sea­board, near the ports of Nor­folk, Rich­mond, and Bal­timore.

Our Goals

We be­lieve that through a com­bin­a­tion of glob­al think­ing, en­vir­on­ment­al aware­ness, and con­struc­tion in­nov­a­tion, people can in­ex­pens­ively build green, sus­tain­able, and beau­ti­ful build­ings that will with­stand nat­ur­al dis­as­ters, rising en­ergy prices, and the test of time.