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The Solar Series

earth-bermed & earth-tempered sustainable living

Formerly known as the "Survival Consultants (SURVCON) Series".

Energy savings and sustainability begin with architecture. The position of your Kit on land, its orientation towards the Sun, and geometry of its design are how we use the Sun’s energy to provide interior climate control. Passive solar design is the least expensive and most natural way to utilize solar power. The Solar Series passive solar Kits are shaped to admit warming sunlight during the Winter months and shade the interior from the Sun during Summer. These Kits use the density and conductivity of the floor slab to distribute warmth in Winter and to keep the house cool in Summer. Earth Tempering, berming your passive solar house is in a South facing slope, is extremely important. Insulation will protect your foundations from temperature change, and the moderate temperature of the Earth’s crust will reduce your heating and cooling load.

This design is what makes solar heated water and photovoltaic energy economically viable: Start your sustainable solar program with the geometry of the house itself.

Standard Features
All Kits come standard with the following design:
Custom Features
These may be added as customizations to any Kit:
  • Tornado-resistance
  • Flood-resistance
  • Floorplan modifications
  • Door/window adjustments
  • Wall height changes
  • Roof pitch/peak changes
Check out custom Kit Designs, and then contact us with your requirements!
All Kits are prefabricated with industrial-grade materials:
  • Structural galvanized cold formed light gauge steel
  • Structural galvanized expanded Carbon steel
  • amcorite™ structural Ferrocement additive
  • Chromium-plated fasteners
  • See Kit Contents for details
All Kits include Professional services:
  • On-site Field Representative Kit assembly tutorial & crew instruction
  • Steel panel and frame design in coordination with architect or project engineer
  • Sealed drawings of structural frame for building permit submission
  • Coordination with local code authority to expedite approval
  • Illustrated Field Manual detailing shell assembly
  • See Kit Contents for details
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