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Kit Contents

Each am-cor™ Kit comes standard with pre-engineered, galvanized steel framing panels, necessary fasteners, structural cement additives, and pre-formed details, which are assembled on-site to construct all parts of the building shell.

Finished am-cor Residential Kit

Kit Components

  • Exterior walls & interior partitions
  • Floors/ceilings
  • Roofs (gable, hip, flat/low-slope, tension membrane, hyperbolic paraboloids)
  • Arches & details
  • Columns/posts, beams
  • Opening headers
  • Balconies, overhangs
  • Railings, knee walls
  • Verandas, patios, garden walls
  • Stairs

Kit Services

  • Steel panel and frame design in coordination with architect or project engineer
  • Sealed drawings of structural frame for building permit submission
  • Coordination with local code authority to expedite approval
  • Illustrated Field Manual detailing shell assembly
  • Verified bill of lading and invoice
  • On-site Field Representative shell assembly tutorial & crew instruction

Kit Materials

  • am-cor structural framing panels
    • Light gauge, carbon steel, factory assembled panels
    • Galvanized (rust resistant), structural gauge min. strength: 30,000 psi.
    • Pre-punched for (concealed) service runs
    • All panels labeled & keyed to Field Manual
  • amcorite™ structural gel
    • Patented amcorite Ferrocement exterior coating formula
    • Cement strengthener, reducer, reinforcer, and elasticizer
    • Increases workability and strength of standard Portland cement
  • Structural Fasteners
    • Chromium plated (steel-to-steel, steel-to-wood, etc.)
  • Pre-Formed Details
    • Galvanized steel eave, soffit, and rake members
  • Equipment Kit (optional)
    • All the tools you'll need to assemble the Kit, including:
      • Battery-operated power screw guns
      • Levels, squares, stringlines, etc.
      • Gloves & goggles
      • Trowels & mixing basins
      • Snips & grinders
      • etc.

See our Getting Started section for where to go from here, or contact us directly.

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