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Code Compliance


The am‑cor System™ is a patented, panelized structural system of construction, composed of:

  • Portland cement
  • sand (builders sharp grade)
  • galvanized cold rolled steel
  • galvanized carbon steel

These steel and cement materials, and methods of framing and placement, are covered under the following international building codes:

  • IBC: International Building Code
  • IRC: International Residential Code
  • ICBO: International Council of Building Officials

The building codes above refer to the following material tests in their specification of manufacture, fabrication, and site assembly of am‑cor Kits. Materials used in the am‑cor System have been tested to determine their strength, durability, and resistance to deterioration. Test reports are issued according to the ASTM (American Standard Test Method). All materials conform to ASTM manufacture and quality control. Materials are produced and fabricated into Kits according to recognized industry standards, controlled by registered industry trade associations:

  • AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction
  • ASSMA: American Steel Stud Manufacturers Association
  • SFA: Steel Framing Alliance
  • PCA: Portland Cement Association.

These am‑cor Kit materials are rated as non-combustible. They are combined in assemblies which have been rated as fire resistant by the:

  • UL: Underwriters Laboratory
  • ICC: International Code Council

Steel, sand, and cement do not outgas, even under conditions of extreme heat. They are impervious to vermin, insects, termites, mold, mildew, rot, and fungus. They contribute to high levels of IEQ (indoor environmental quality), and do not emit VOCs (volative organic compounds).

Finally, all am‑cor Kits are architecturally designed & engineered in accordance to the structural, disaster-resistance, fire-resistance, and living standards specified in the IBC.

Light Gauge Steel Framing

  • Framing Details & Testing Data, published by the SFA (Steel Framing Alliance)
  • IBC (International Building Code) 2003-2006
    • Chapter 22: Steel
      • Section 2202: Definitions
      • Section 2206: Steel Joists
      • Section 2209: Cold-Formed Steel
      • Section 2210: Cold-Formed Steel Light-Framed Construction
  • IRC (International Residential Code) 2003-2006
    • Section R505: Steel Floor Framing
    • Section R603: Steel Wall Framing
    • Section R804: Steel Roof Framing
  • Dietrich Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel Profiles: ICBO approved, report #784P

Application of Exterior Cement Coat

  • IBC 2003-2006
    • Section 2510: Lathing and Furring for Cement Plaster (Stucco)
    • Section 2512: Exterior Plaster
    • Table 2511.1.1: Installation of Plaster Construction
      • ASTM C1063: Lathing and furring (cement plaster)
      • ASTM C926: Portland cement plaster
      • ASTM C754: Steel framing
  • IRC 2003-2006
    • Section R703.6: Exterior Plaster

ASTM References

  • A 653/A 653M-04a: Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc-coated Galvanized or Zinc-iron Alloy-coated Galvannealed by the Hot-dip Process
  • C754: Steel framing
  • C847-00: Specification for Metal Lath
  • C926-98a: Specification for Application of Portland Cement Based-plaster
  • C954-00: Specification for Steel Drill Screws for the Application of Gypsum Panel Products or Metal Plaster Bases to Steel Studs from 0.033 inch (0.84 mm) to 0.112 inch (2.84 mm) in Thickness
  • C955-03: Standard Specification for Load-bearing Transverse and Axial Steel Studs, Runners Tracks, and Bracing or Bridging, for Screw Application of Gypsum Panel Products and Metal Plaster Bases
  • C1007-04: Specification for Installation of Load Bearing (Transverse and Axial) Steel Studs and Related Accessories
  • C1063-03: Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement Based Plaster
  • C1329-04: Specification for Mortar Cement

AISI References

  • NAS-01: North American Specification for the Design of Cold-formed Steel Structural Members, including 2004 Supplement
  • General-04: Standard for Cold-formed Steel Framing-General Provisions
  • Header-04: Standard for Cold-formed Steel Framing-Header Design
  • Lateral-04: Standard for Cold-formed Steel Framing-Lateral Design
  • PM-01: Standard for Cold-formed Steel Framing-Prescriptive Method for One- and Two-family Dwellings, including 2004 Supplement
  • Truss-04: Standard for Cold-formed Steel Framing-Truss Design
  • WSD-04: Standard for Cold-formed Steel Framing-Wall Stud Design
  • A 123/A 123M-02: Specification for Zinc (Hot-dip Galvanized) Coating on Iron and Steel Products

Fire Attenuation

  • IBC 2003 & 2006: Chapter 25, Section 2506.0: Cement Lath & Plaster
  • UL U409: 1 hr. WALL ASSEMBLY
  • UL U431: 4 hr. WALL ASSEMBLY

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