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“We offer an advanced & green solution to today’s construction industry: Standard construction is just too expensive, time-consuming, and unsustainable; our Ferrocement am-cor System is the answer.”

- Angus W. Macdonald, Inventor & CEO

What Is It?

am-cor Structural Ferrocement Walls

Ferrocement = highly reinforced, dense & thin steel & cement shells; originally used for boat hulls.

The am-cor System™ is a modern, Ferrocement construction system, featuring:

  • true composite, integrated steel & cement structures
  • unibody, seamless, exterior stress-skins
  • high flexibility & adaptability
  • high strength-to-weight ratio



  • Save 15-20% over standard building construction costs
  • Complete in 2/3 time of standard construction
  • Save 10% annually on standard building operation costs


  • Flood-resistant
  • Extremely low maintenance over building’s lifetime
  • No rust, no deterioration


  • Sustainability: approximately 40% smaller carbon footprint
  • Far less material used than standard construction:
    • 20% less steel
    • 1/8 cement
am-cor System vs. Reinforced Concrete

am-cor System vs. Reinforced Concrete

How It Works

am-cor Kits conform to: ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) fire resistant assemblies, and the IBC (International Building Code)


  • Entire building delivered as a prefabricated, panelized, pre-engineered Kit
  • Structure built quickly & efficiently, no cutting or drilling
  • Easy customization & expansion
  • Fast, trade-friendly, standard tenant build-out
  • Zero construction waste
  • On site builder crew instruction included with every Kit


  • Commercial: retail, restaurants, hotels & shops, offices, medical & educational
  • Industrial: warehouses, storage facilities, agriculture, medium-span
  • Residential: affordable, single-family, multi-family, dormitories
  • Reconstruction/Military: rapid-response, safehouses, ballistics-resistance



30,000 sq.ft. 3 story earth-bermed agro-industrial am-cor winery & warehouse with half-timber and stone veneers


Annual minimum savings of US $30,000 for HVAC


50’ Free span: flexible interior for assembly and community use.


High wind resistant engineering in OK, USA

See our Building Types Gallery for more examples.

Our Goals

am-cor inc. aims to change the world one building at a time. We believe that through a combination of global thinking, environmental awareness, and construction innovation, people can inexpensively build green, sustainable, and beautiful buildings that will withstand natural disasters, rising energy prices, and the test of time.

What is the am-cor System?

The am-cor System™ is a simple, fast, affordable way to build green & sustainable buildings.
Architect Angus W. Macdonald invented and patented the am-cor Unified Steel & Cement Structural System™ after searching for a better alternative to standard construction methods. He wanted something that was simple to construct, quick to erect, cheap to build, and above all, beautiful, durable and sustainable.

Why use the am-cor System?

The am-cor System is:


  • am-cor construction is less expensive than: standard reinforced concrete block & masonry, precast, metal buildings, stick-built, SIPS, etc.

Fast To Build

  • am-cor Kits are: prefabricated & pre-engineered, arrive ready for immediate assembly, and are assembled in a fraction of standard construction time

High Quality

  • am-cor buildings are better construction for a lower price: disaster resistant (hurricane, fire, tornado, earthquake, flood); mold, mildew, insect & vermin resistant (termites, rats, etc.); and environmentally friendly

Green & Sustainable

  • am-cor shells are made of 100% recyclable material, and have an approx. 40-60% lower carbon footprint than standard construction; am-cor buildings are inherently sustainable, and require virtually zero maintenance

Tried & True

The am-cor System is a proven system: am-cor structures have weathered tornadoes in USA’s Tornado Alley, hurricanes in the Caribbean, and floods on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Our building shells are internationally code compliant, and have been approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers for construction in storm surge areas. The first structure was built in 1996. Its Ferrocement construction has withstood the test of time, with zero structural maintenance & minimal exterior maintenance.

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