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Construction Sequence


This is an example construction sequence & schedule for assembling The Mille Moden am-cor Kit.

The am-cor System is Owner-Builder & contractor-friendly, using standard construction methods to assemble on-site, and standard trades for installation of insulation, services, trim, and interiors. Because the patented am-cor System is pre-engineered & panelized, construction time and cost are reduced. The am-cor System conforms to the IBC, UL, and ASTM material standards.


All construction steps are detailed and illustrated in the am-cor Field Manual included with your am-cor Kit. Time estimates are based on an experienced 4 person crew.

1. Foundations Estimated Time: 1 Day
  • Prepare site; excavate footings
  • Place foundation reinforcement; pour concrete footings
  • Place and compact gravel base to floor slab

simpler, faster, cheaper foundations

2. Exterior Walls Estimated Time: 1/2 Day
  • Place lightweight am-cor galvanized steel frame panels
  • Ensure plumb & square; secure panels to top of footing
  • Join panels together

fast, easy assembly

3. Floor Slab Estimated Time: 1 Day
  • Place subgrade insulation
  • Install groundworks
  • Place floor slab vapor seal; reinforce/insulate slab
  • Pour slab, imbedding exterior wall panels

walls embedded in slab = disaster-resistance

4. Roof Frame / Upper Floor, Sheathing Estimated Time: 1/2 Day
  • install interior partition panels
  • set roof panels or second floor panels
  • mount windows and exterior doors
  • apply mesh strips at joints and openings

easy interiors & finishes

5. Shell Enclosure Estimated Time: 1 Day
  • Mask exterior doors & windows
  • Mix and apply amcorite™ structural Ferrocement skin
  • Apply water resistant cement finish coat
  • Apply ornamental layers: stucco, brick, siding, etc.

any type of exterior or roof

Total Estimated Shell Construction Time: 4 Days

Wondering how much your Kit will cost? Check out our Pricing page!

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