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  • am-cor Products - Disaster Resistant, Sustainable, Prefab Building Kits: Residential, Commercial, Community, Hospitality, Industrial, and more
    • am‑cor Kits - Ferrocement Building Kits for all Building Types: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, MultiFamily, Community, Hospitality, DIY, Affordable, Garages, and more.
    • am‑cor Residential - am‑cor Residential Kits: Single Family Homes, Multi Family Townhouses, Apartments buildings, Low Cost & Affordable, DIY and more
    • am‑cor Commercial - am‑cor Commercial Kits: Offices, Retail, Wineries, Restaurants, Service Buildings, and more
    • am‑cor ExoStructures - am‑cor ExoStructures quickly & cost-effectively rehabilitate, insulate, and weatherize existing & damaged buildings.
    • am‑cor Kit Promotions - Check out our current discounts & promotions!
    • Designers - Contributing Architects and Designers of am‑cor Kits
  • am-cor System - Ferrocement Prefab & Panelized, Greeen & Sustainable Construction
    • Overview - General introduction to the am-cor System & Ferrocement technology
    • Ferrocement Construction - Advanced Unibody Stress-Skin Composite Construction Engineering and Technology
    • Disaster Resistance - Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Fire and Flood Resistance through Ferrocement Technology & Engineering
    • Code Compliance - am‑cor System Conformance to the IBC, IRC, ASTM, UL, ICC, and other standards
    • Inventor's Story - History & Development of the am‑cor Ferrocement Construction System, by architect Angus W. Macdonald
    • Green & Sustainable Construction - Ferrocement's low carbon footprint is key to truly Green & Sustainable Construction
    • System Comparisons - Comparisons between the am‑cor System and other construction methods: wood, reinforced concrete, and more
    • Special Ferrocement Applications - Special Ferrocement Applications include military, low-cost, shipping, containment, exostructures, outsulation, environmental communities, and more
  • am-cor Projects - Examples of current, completed, and planned am-cor projects.
    • am-cor Environmental Communities - am-cor Environmental Communities incorporate the required social, architectural, economic, and technological elements for sustainable development.
    • Siempre Unidos Clinic Honduras - Siempre Unidos in Honduras chose the am-cor System for its affordability, speed, and disaster-resistance.
    • Fort Myers Model Home - am-cor Model Home in Fort Myers is an example of the latest Ferrocement, Insulation, and Exostructure technologies.
    • Bon Samaritain Mission Haiti - The Bon Samaritain Mission in Haiti chose the am-cor System for its safety and earthquake-resistance.
  • Building with am‑cor - How to choose, design, estimate, buy, and finally assemble an am‑cor Kit
  • News - The latest am-cor inc. News
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Common questions about am-cor inc. & the am-cor Ferrocement construction System
    • General FAQ - FAQs on am‑cor inc. & the am‑cor Ferrocement Construction System
    • Construction FAQ - am-cor Kit Assembly & Ferrocement Construction related FAQs
    • Kit FAQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about am-cor Kits!
  • Galleries - Pictures & photos of am-cor Construction: homes, apartments, offices, stores, churches, villas, and hotels.
  • Glossary - Common terms and definitions for am-cor Ferrocement construction
  • About Us - am-cor inc. Mission Statement & Company Info
    • Contact Us - Contact us via web, email, phone, or physical address
    • Search This Site - Search this website using Google's Custom Search
    • Company Profile - Description of am-cor inc. Services, Technologies, and Expertise
    • The Future - We at am-cor inc. think our Technologies and Systems can Change the World
    • Links & Resources - Resources on the web for Ferrocement Construction, Options, Education, Builders, Designers, Materials and more
  • Sitemap - Sitemap for all of www.am-cor.com

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