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The Flex Series

Flexible Kits for any application

The Flex Series features modular & stackable Kits with open multiple-use interiors, that can be configured for residential, commercial, community, hospitality, retail, medical, and industrial use.

Flex Kits are configurable, and can be customized for your specific budget, location, and application.

All Flex Kits include:

    1. Walls, Floors, Roofs, Columns, Beams, amcorite, etc.
    1. Structural Earthquake & Hurricane Resistance
    1. Architectural & Engineering plans
    1. am-cor Site Representative & on-site Training Program (USA & CA)

Flex Kit Options:

Materials: Cement

Openings: Doors & Windows

Services: Electrical & Plumbing

Tools: Kit Assembly, Construction, etc.

Local language, graphical & pictorial instructions & diagrams

am-cor Site Representative & on-site Training Program (International)

Standard Features
All Kits come standard with the following design:
Custom Features
These may be added as customizations to any Kit:
  • Tornado-resistance
  • Flood-resistance
  • Floorplan modifications
  • Door/window adjustments
  • Wall height changes
  • Roof pitch/peak changes
Check out custom Kit Designs, and then contact us with your requirements!
All Kits are prefabricated with industrial-grade materials:
  • Structural galvanized cold formed light gauge steel
  • Structural galvanized expanded Carbon steel
  • amcorite™ structural Ferrocement additive
  • Chromium-plated fasteners
  • See Kit Contents for details
All Kits include Professional services:
  • On-site Field Representative Kit assembly tutorial & crew instruction
  • Steel panel and frame design in coordination with architect or project engineer
  • Sealed drawings of structural frame for building permit submission
  • Coordination with local code authority to expedite approval
  • Illustrated Field Manual detailing shell assembly
  • See Kit Contents for details
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