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Kit QuickBudget


This is an example construction cost budget for assembling & finishing out the The Mille Moden am-cor Kit.

Kit Data

NameThe Mille Moden
PriceUS $18,800
Info1 Story, 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 half bath
Area1000 sq.ft.

Dried-In Shell Budget

Foundations$1,000.00 material & labor for am-cor Foundation
Floor Slab$4,000.00 material & labor for 4” concrete slab
am-cor Moden Kit$18,800.00Ferrocement panels, amcorite, connectors, Field Manual
Kit Materials$1,000.00 Portland cement, sand, water
Construction Equipment$500.00 scaffolding, cement mixer, tools, etc.
Windows & Exterior Doors$4,000.00 standard specification
Kit Labor$4,000.00 small crew 2-3 days labor
Insulation$5,000.00 spray foam/aerogel insulation & installation
Roofing$2,000.00 rubberoid roofing & installation
$40,300.00Dried-in shell

This estimated construction cost of $40,300.00 delivers a secure, disaster-resistant, insulated dried-in shell, ready for finishing and service installation.

Finished Shell Budget

Electrical$4,000.00includes lamps and fans
Plumbing$4,500.00includes fixtures
HVAC$4,500.00heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
Exteriors$2,800.00gutters and cement finish coat
Interiors$8,000.00drywall, paint, baseboard, doors, hardware, flooring, etc.
Kitchen/Bath/Laundry$7,000.00cabinetry & countertops
$30,800.00Finished shell

This estimated finish cost of $30,800.00 delivers a completed exterior & interior, ready for appliances, wardrobes and furnishings.

Total Shell Budget

Dried-in shell$40,300
Finished shell$30,800
$71,100Shell TOTAL

NB: This results in a total construction price of approximately $71/sq.ft. for the 1000 sq.ft. The Mille Moden.

The am-cor System gives a 30% savings, compared to the national average of approximately $100/sq.ft. for basic, residential builder's specification using standard construction.

We estimate that a DIY Owner-Builder may be able to perform much of the labor included in the $71,100 price as sweat-equity, thereby lowering the total shell price to approximately $51,800.


No siteworks, flat land, no unusual site conditions, no site utilities, construction practices detailed in the am-cor Field Manual, no builder markup, no taxes, permits, fees, etc. Actual building costs may vary significantly per project and may not necessarily fall within the range of generic costs as calculated. Please note that costs are rough estimates only, time sensitive and not binding as to a specific project.

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