PO BOX 111
Elkwood, VA 22718 USA
+1 540 349 5895

Company Profile

Who We Are

Incorporated in 2002, unified steel and reinforced cement building kit manufacturer am-cor inc. has stayed on the cutting edge of modern construction technology with its patented Ferrocement am-cor Construction System.

What We Do

am-cor inc. provides building solutions worldwide, from low-cost housing to luxury tourist villas. Projects include disaster resistant structures, such as schools, daycare centers, commercial & hospitality complexes, and agro-industrial facilities. Worldwide technology services include global internet marketing of am-cor Kits through its online store, Ferrocement structural engineering & project design, and hands-on site instruction showing builders how to assemble and finish am-cor building shell kits.

How We Do It

am-cor inc. is able to offer superior services and building construction at lower cost through a combination of advanced technology and decades of experience. The am-cor ferrocement construction system is a proprietary technology based on patented panel designs by architect & inventor Angus W. Macdonald. Using advanced, specialized 3D modeling and engineering software, am-cor inc. quickly estimates construction cost and publishes detailed illustrated manuals explaining manufacturing, field assembly and finishing techniques.

Our Staff

am-cor inc. employs licensed architects and registered structural engineers to develop design data based on the am-cor System. It has accomplished internet technicians to produce interactive websites and 3D presentations of am-cor designs and building shells. Our staff has international experience in steel frame assembly line design and in field assembly techniques, equipment, materials, and crew training. We also provide project and site management to assemble & complete am-cor building shells.

Green Production Facility

am-cor inc. has designed its USA new green and sustainable Ferrocement panel factory as a model production facility. Production machinery, climate control, hot water and other services will be solar powered, reducing the carbon footprint of am-cor building panels and completed building shells. The factory, in Culpeper, VA, is centrally located on the US Eastern Seaboard, near the ports of Norfolk, Richmond, and Baltimore.

Our Goals

am-cor inc. aims to change the world one building at a time.

We believe that through a combination of global thinking, environmental awareness, and construction innovation, people can inexpensively build green, sustainable, and beautiful buildings that will withstand natural disasters, rising energy prices, and the test of time.

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